U.P.V.C Tech

Handling of Transportation and storage of pipes

Plastic pipes made of pvc is strong and light in weight as it's specific weight of pipes made of coast iron.
Handling and transportation of this kind of pipes is easier compared with other kinds of pipes made of metal or asbestos cement and similar.
For handling and storage:
  • Pvc pipes need attention and care during loading, unloading and storing specially during unloading from trucks into ground.   
  • It is not recommended to put plumping in large piles , especially in summer or at hot weather to avoid any distortion of pipes at the bottom of the patch,      so it difficult to pipe interference operation.  
  • Storage pipes must be at reciprocal manner by the head and tail.     
  • In long term storage ,private shelve must be ensured for storing.If not Wooden planks with about 75 mm width at 100 cm apart between each to           planks are used for pipes starting from 160 mm diameter and up.           
  • In case of storing pipes with different sizes at the same time on the same shelves, bigger sizes must be below pipes of smaller size.    
  • For temporary storage at working site, the storing area must be flat and free of stones or similar.      
  • At unloading pipes ,they must be rolled gently in the wooden planks and not to be thrown one on the other or one unequipped floor in case or of             crane truck absence.
  • Storage area must be equipped with convenient shed to prevent Direct sunlight affect on pipes.
incorrect way to load pipes way to load pipes
incorrent way ot off-load pipes correct way to off-load pipes
on site Transport
individual pipe stacks of site