About Us
MISR EL NOUR for plastic packages is a member of MISR EL NOUR GROUP
it was established in 1991 in 10th of Ramadan city - Egypt at over an area of 31000 m².
MISR EL NOUR for plastic packages one of the leading manufactures for production of polypropylene woven bags in Egypt, specialized in FIBC (Jumbo Bags) with annual production is one million (1,000,000) jumbo and calling bag.

  • pp woven sacks/ bags                                                          
  • PP lino bags / net bags
  • FIBC (jumbo bag)                                                   
  • PP Laminated tarpaulin / sheet
  • pp woven fabric (laminated - unlamented)              
  • PE Film
  • pp yarn / threads                                                      
  • Sling bags

As a leader in industrial packaging products since 1968, MN is able to offer a full product range covering FIBC's, industrial valve sacks and technical woven fabrics. 
We are ready to be your worldwide business partner for all your industrial packaging needs.

Misr El-Nour is proud to offer the following, among other features:

100% vertically integrated manufacturing facility generating exceptional service and quality control. We employ the most modern production facilities in the industry to produce the highest quality standards with the most cost efficient technologies.
Total Quality Management and Certification create the highest standards to meet the most critical industry demands.  Throughout production, all components are tested and monitored via our in-house laboratories
  • ISO 9001 : 2000
  • ISO 14001
  • AIB
  • UN Certified

Million annual capacity makes MN one of the largest FIBC manufacturers in The Middle east.
14 -16 day average lead-time for shipments to the east coast, and 10-12 days average lead-time for production.
Prompt Customer Service to meet the most demanding service needs.
Misr el Nour will find solutions to fit your production needs and meet your customers’ demands and requirements.  We would like to meet with you in the near future to listen to your needs in order to become a better value added supplier.

Our points of strength are:
  • The continuous research and development of the materials
  • The checking of the quality
  • The prompt delivery of the products
  • The constant availability
  • The development of specially built solutions for the customers

Misr El Nour For Plastic Pipes.                                                                           

MISR EL NOUR  is one of the strong Egyptian establishments that contributed to Egyptian industrial renaissance since 20 years ago, Due to the promotion and support of national industries, MISR EL NOUR group became monumental industrial establishment.                                                                                                                                   
MISR El NOUR  started it's industrial business with MISR EL NOUR company For plastic packages ,followed by MISR EL NOUR company for Marble and Granite,
 followed by MISR EL NOUR company for plastics pipes, these factories production are plastic pipes made of Unplasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride and H.D.P.E.  therefore it's advantages, these pipes can be used in many purposes according to the specification global technology ,where they can be used for feeding networks of water ,natural gas networks,sanitation, ventilation, modern irrigation system, telephone lines in accordance with telecom Egypt (TC-161A) specifications, and as a casing for wells.
MISR EL NOUR was born giant in it's field since  it's beginning and was able to support the local Egyptian market as well as international markets with updated techniques ,at the same standard of European  and American levels.
Our rang of production starts from 20 mm diameter up to 800 mm diameter with capacity 60000 tons per year, where it covered the Egyptian market  and many outside markets like Sudan, Iraq, Libya, Algeria, guinea, Jordan, Lebanon, Senegal and Yemen.                                                                                                
Our production is subjected to continuous surveillance through quality control and quality assurance during all the production steps of pipes and it's related parts and fittings, this all done by a qualified team of specialists in quality control, assurance and laboratories affairs. 
Our factory has all the equipment and devices that allow us to ensure our products conformity with the international standards or the specific standards contracted with customers.
 We apply all needed tests on our production included chemical, physical and mechanical properties tests.
MISR EL NOUR company has highly qualified teams for installation of plastic pipes and we are fully ready to visit our customer's sites and give our consultation for pipes installation.