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Tarpaulins for winter protection:

Leaf litter, bird founling and airborne pollution are all ready to attack the boat during the winter, so it is well worth protecting the boat with a tarpaulin during storage. Keeping the elements off is very helpful, but it’s also a good idea to make sure the covering can breathe.

Tips for covering with a tarpaulin:

  •  Remove any canvas hood or cover. Don’t put the tarp in contact over a canvas hood.
  •  Make sure the centre of the tarp is properly supported so water can’t pool.
  •  Pad contact areas with old carpet, cloth or foam to prevent chafing.
  •  Make sure the tarp is tied down securely. If possible run securing lines under the hull, but don’t tie down to chocks or legs – if the wind gets under the tarp, it could dislodge them.
  •  Use several separate lines when tying the cover down, so you can untie a small section to create a doorway to get in.
  •  Leave the ends open for ventilation.
  •  If you need more than one tarpaulin, allow plenty of overlap – at least a metre is recommended.

Lightweight laminated tarpaulins:

  •  Much lighter than cotton canvas, inherently rot-proof and easy to handle, these low-cost laminated tarpaulins are ideal for winter protection.
  •  Woven polythene, laminated to make them waterproof and tear-resistant.
  •  Inherently mould and mildew resistant
  •  Lamination includes a UV filter to prolong life
  •  Edges rope bound and stitch-seamed
  •  Fitted with rust resistant metal eyelets at one metre intervals


  •  Different sizes and colors are available
  •  Rope in along edges for added strength,
  •  Metal grommets in intervals on the edge
  •  Rope reinforced hem and heat sealed edges
  •  Tear-resistant super durability minimizes breakage during transprotation and storage
  •  Water-resistant and washable: it prevents contamination or damage from rain or moisture
  •  UV stabilized
  •  Multi-purpose: truck cover, trailer cover, equipment cover, ground cover, emergency shelter, painting tarp, trailer awning, etc.


  •  reinforced PE latticed tarpaulin
  •  Specilized in tarp for 20 years
  •  ISO9001
  •  Widely used for daily life
  •  Good quality

Orange & yellow latticed PE tarpaulin:

  •  Materials:PP or PE
  •  Regular size: 2x3m, 3x4m,3x5m, 4x5m, 4x6m, 5x8m, 6x8m, 6x10m, 2.5×3.6m, 3.6×5.4m, 5.4×7.2m, 7.2x9m, 10x50m. According to the requirements of customers….,
  •  Mesh: 9×9 to 14×14
  •  Width: 1.6 to 12m
  •  Weight: 70 to 360gsm
  •  Denier: 500D ~ 1500D
  •  Color: various colors available
  •  Length: no limit
  •  Water, mildew and tear resistant, Double waterproof surfaces.Reinforced corner;
  •  Rope in along edges for added strength,
  •  For recreational vehicles, trucks, boats, construction sites, firewood.
  •  Multi-purpose: truck cover, trailer cover, equipment cover, ground cover, emergency shelter, painting tarp, trailer awning, etc.


  •  Reinforced corners
  •  Metallic grommets every 3 feet
  •  Waterproof
  •  Tear resistant
  •  Stronger and lighter than canvas
  •  Different sizes and colors are available
  •  Tear-resistant super durability minimizes breakage during transprotation and storage
  •  Water-resistant and washable: prevents contamination or damage from rain or moisture
  •  Rope reinforced hem and heat sealed edges
  •  UV stabilized
  •  Metal grommets in intervals on the edge
  •  All purpose cover;
  •  Camping,
  •  Picnics,
  •  Boats.
  •  Tough outdoor stuff.



  •  Load cover
  •  Car/boat cover
  •  Canopies
  •  Windbreaker
  •  Equipment cover
  •  Sunlight resistant
  •  Packing: Cartons or bales .
  •  INCO terms: FOB Shantou or Shenzhen.
  •  Lead time: 30 days from confirmed order.


A tough re-usable waterproof cover with a laminate woven polyethylene construction and heat sealed, poly rope reinforced hem. The tapaulin’s is highly durable, tear, stretch and UV resistant, with rust resistant metal eyelets.


The Tarpaulin can be used in the following areas:


BUILDING SITES: protects lumber, aggregates & machinery

FARMS: protects grain, animal feed & machinery

HOME: covers boats, trailers, swimming pools, garden furniture & BBQs

LEISURE: ground sheet, seating shelter, picnic & beach mat, windbreak

The Twin colour is reversible between silver and green and weighs 80 grams per square metre.


The Faithfull FAITARP1818H heavy-duty tarpaulin (eye) has the following dimensions:
Size: 5480 x 5480mm (18 x 18 ft).


Homopolymer polypropylene sheets are a tough material with excellent fatigue resistance, chemical resistance and electrical insulation properties. As such, they are extensively used as construction material by industries in textiles, sugar, pharmaceuticals, organic & inorganic chemicals and electroplating sectors. Besides, they are also used for lining of tanks, fabrications work, acid containers etc. Co polymer polypropylene sheets have a marginally better impact strength than homopolymer polypropylene sheets and are generally chosen for manufacturing files, folders, video cassette covers and other stationery items. These sheets not only have an increased resistance to creasing and a wider heat scaling range, but also come in various colours and, therefore, suit all the requirements of the stationery market. Reinforced polypropylene sheets have adequate toughness, dimensional stability and high heat resistance because of which they are mainly used in door lining, roofing etc., in automobiles. An added advantage is the various colour options in which these sheets are available making possible their mixing &  matching with the upholstery of automobiles.

Poly Propylene Sheets are available in 1,1.35 x 2 metre sizes with thickness values being 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 6.0, 8.0, or 10.0 mm. Rates are calculated on a per sq. m. basis depending on the thickness of the chosen sheet. Instead of sheets of natural colour you could also go for sheets of grey colour at slightly higher rates.


Application Specifications:

  •  Water resistant
  •  Reinforced selvedge
  •  Heavy Duty Construction
  •  Higher UV resistance
  •  Resistant to agricultural chemicals

Application Areas:

  •  Tents, ground cover, truck cover, etc.
  •  Cover fabric for open air storage against freeze, dust, rain, sand and more
  •  Water repellent material as needed
  •  Seat and cover for garden furniture
  •  Silo cover
  •  Shading material
  •  Window cover for chicken farms