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1- Extruder (production section of tapes for looms).

This section holds the latest technology machines controlled by computer to ensure good quality tapes from point of view of dimensions (width and thickness) and mechanical properties. The production process starts with raw material with colors according to our customer needs mixed together automatically to satisfy the tapes color needed. The mixture passed through a chamber equipped with heaters adjusted to definite temperature suitable for the raw material that we are using, the melted material is pushed out of champers using the screw to water container for cooling forming a thin plastic sheet. The plastic sheet is pulled by rollers system against system of blades and hot oven to get multi tapes with needed dimensions and mechanical properties. The tapes are wound on aluminum tubes in perfect way, the wound tapes are fed after that to loom section.

2 - Looms section 
It is the biggest section in the company which hold a lot of different types of looms such as ( Jumbo looms - Leno looms - Normal looms) .
This section is the fabric producer (jumbo, leno, normal fabric) with the specifications according to customer request such as density, color, width. The fabric is prepared in a roll shape ready for the next process of production printing, coating and cutting or selling.

3 - Printing section 
The machines in this section have different types:- 
  • Roll to roll printing machines which enables us to print up to six different colors on one side of fabric, and we can cover the prints by using coating process to protect the printed color from scratches or damage during handling
  • Piece by piece printing machines to prints up to three different colors on one or two sides of the normal bags prepared by conversion section.
  • Jumbo printing machine which is capable to print up to three different colors on one or tow sides of the jumbo and sling bag.
4 - Coating section 
There are two different ways to fulfill This process as follow :
  • coating with thin hot layer : • The coating processes to cover the woven bags using a thin hot layer of melted polypropylene mainly to protect the goods inside these coated bags from out side weather conditions (humidity and rain) according to our customers needs.  
  • inserting polyethylene bag inside the woven bags • Another way for protection of the goods is to insert polyethylene bags inside the woven bags, these polyethylene bags are made with different specification (thickness and dimensions) according the choice of our customers.

 5- The cutting machines section 
This section holds a lot of automatic cutting machines which
are capable to cut all normal bags using hot knife and
some of these machine are equipped with cold cutting mechanism
to cut laminated Fabric .(coated rolls)

6 -Jumbo and sling bags section 
This section produces two different types of bags as follow:-
a– Jumbo bags :
  • It's manufactured from special heavy fabric with density starting from 200 gm/m² and up and also to last against sun radiation by adding ultra violet (uv) material during fabrication of the tapes these bags can handle weights from 0.5 up to 2 tons, prepared with special strips for handling and two openings (upper and lower opening) for charging and discharging the material in or out of the bags. The shape of these bags is rectangular shape (length x width x height) according customers request.
b- Sling bags :
  • It is manufactured from normal fabric to hold the normal filled bags mainly for saving time and labor needed for handling the filled bags piece by piece. 
  • It is designed in such a way to let the strips, which are designed and manufactured by our company, carry the full loads with safety factor up to 5. 
  • the main difference between the design principle of jumbo and sling bags is that the first one manufactured from heavy duty fabric which is the main part for carrying the load, but the second one manufactured from normal fabric that is why the strips are the main part for carrying loads as mentioned before. 
  • The annual production of the jumbo and sling bags about one million.

7 -Sewing section
This section holds a lot of activities:
  • Preparing a normal and jumbo bags with inserted polyethylene inside according to customer needs.
  • sewing the normal bags using latest technology of ultra sonic sewing machines.
  • preparing a normal bags ready for export out of country in groups of 2000 bag using heavy duty press ( 100 ton ) to be suitable for shipping inside containers.
8- polyethylene (film) section
It holds different sizes of machines producing polyethylene sheet with different thickness and width for producing polyethylene bags needed for jumbo and normal woven bags according to the customer needs .


9 - yarn section :
  • the main job of this section is to manufactures yarns of different sizes to be used with normal sewing machines for normal bags and jumbo sewing machines (big thickness yarn ) for sewing of jumbo and sling bags 
  • this yarn is used also for manufacturing stripes used for jumbo and sling bags hands . 
10 – Strips section:
The job of this section is to manufacture the strips needed for jumbo and sling bags hands .
these strips are woven by special machines using normal polypropylene taps and yarns made by yarn section .